Default Methods In Java

Default methods allows us to add new functionality to new or existing interfaces without breaking the existing functionality of legacy code. Prior to Java 1.8 interfaces did not allow default interfaces and it was very difficult to modify an existing interface without impacting the class which implemented the interface.For instance if a new method is […]

Java Lambda Expressions

What are Lambda Expression? Lambda expressions were introduced in Java 1.8 and it’s the first step towards functional programming.Lambda expressions allow you to treat functionality as a method arguments.The functionality can be passed around to different methods as lambda expressions and executed on demand.It also make the code clean and concise. In short lambda expressions […]

How to Configure Java 1.8 On Windows

In this post I am going to explain how to install Java 1.8 on your machine and verify the same. Here’s the steps:- Install Java 1.8 You can install Java1.8 from Oracle website.Here’s the link:- You will see there are two executable files for windows, one for 64 bit and another for 86 bit.Check […]

How to fix build error related to Jacoco Test Coverage

Code coverage is a software metric used to measure how many lines of code is executed during automated tests. Jacoco is a code coverage report generator for Java Projects. You need to add the maven plugin for jacoco and get the code coverage reports. Jacoco Plugin dependency in pom.xml:- You can also configure the code […]