6 Ways to deal with workplace bullying

Dealing with workplace bullies can be a tough nut to crack.Statistics show almost 60% people faced workplace bullies and harassment at their workplace.

Workplace bullying can be verbal or physical and it can be your co worker ,your manager or anyone else working with you who may or may not benefit from this type of act.In most cases it’s usually the person who is insecure or controlling ,tries to bring you down and gain from the situation for instance taking credit for your work or a promotion.

Here are 6 tips to deal with workplace bullies:-


  • Know your rights 

 Read your company policy.Almost every company have a workplace harassment policy .Read it thoroughly  so that you know what steps you can take to get yourself out of this situation.

  • Document Evidences and Plan your move

Don’t be in a haste to take action.Take your time to analyse the situation and also the consequences.It can be daunting and you might be afraid of losing your job.List down all the steps you can take and also the consequences be it positive or negative.

  • Confrontation

Give your bully one last chance.Talk to the person who is trying to bully you and politely ask him to back off and stop this behaviour.Give him/her some time, maybe a week to three weeks and if it still doesn’t stop you already have a plan in place.

  • Communicate

Plan a meeting and talk to your supervisor and give him details about the bully and how it is impacting you.Be precise and clear. It’s better to come up with specific details rather than bad mouthing or criticising the bully .This way you will show up as mature and sensible .You don’t need to take things personally .Keep this professional with all the evidence and specific incidents related to the bully.If your manager itself is the bully talk to his manager about it.

  • Follow Up 

.After a few weeks if you feel no action has been taken and the behaviour continues , talk to the HR .After you have placed your case ,give some time to your supervisor may be a week and then follow up once or twice.If no action has been taken, talk to a level up the hierarchy 

  • Time Up 

 If you have taken all the above 5 steps and  the issue is not resolved its best to look for alternate options .Find a  new job as soon as possible where you are respected and heard.There is nothing worse than spending 8 hours working with a person who makes you feel worthless and no action is taken in this regard.Make yourself a priority and do yourself a favour by switching your job.

Let me know if any of you have faced workspace bullies how to dealt with it.I would love to hear it from you guys.